Conferences on Twitter

Bioinformatics at large. The ISMB conference is a big event and summarizing seven parallel sessions requires additional channels than physical presence. Luckily, there is the Internet. A sufficient number of scientists report of the current session on social media tools like Twitter. In previous years, the conference was supported by FriendFeed but the slow demise of the platform no longer made it possible. Continue reading

Predicting the effects of mutations

From left to right: Sean Mooney, Rachel Karchin, Andre Frank, Shamil Sunyaev, Emidio Capriotti.

How well can we predict the effects of mutations that change the protein sequence? Framed by the the ISMB conference, the largest bioinformatics conference the SNP special interest group met on Saturday the 14th, 2012,  moderated by Emidio Capriotti and Yana Bromberg to discuss current state of the art. Here’s a summary with links a set of tools to try if you study variants.

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