Teaching resources

Teaching resources. On this page, I am starting to collect a few links to publicly available teaching resources for epilepsy genetics that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Genetic literacy series
Both primers of the Genetic Literacy Series may serve as good introductions to the general field of epilepsy genetics and how this is impacted by the new technologies such as exome sequencing.

  • ILAE Genetic Literacy Series Primer Part 1: The building blocks of epilepsy genetics (ILAE_Primer_Part1)
  • ILAE Genetic Literacy Series Primer Part 2: Paradigm shifts in epilepsy genetics (ILAE_Primer_Part2)

Epilepsydiagnosis.org is an online diagnostic manual of the epilepsies (link).

AES Skills workshop 2018 (New Orleans)
This is a link to the presentation I have in New Orleans 2018 as part of the Skills Workshop (AES2018). I have uploaded the pptx without videos. The link to the video of the patient with KCNQ2 encephalopathy can be found in the publication by Serino and collaborators that is freely available online (link).