Five almost forgotten blog posts that are relevant in 2016

Happy 400. Even though I have to admit that my blogging speed has decreased considerably over the last 18 months, we managed to celebrate a small milestone last week. We published blog post #400. As there are highly popular and virtually forgotten blog posts, I wanted to use this opportunity to draw your attention to five blog posts out there that you might want to know about. Continue reading

The Pareto Principle versus the Long Tail

80/20. In every scientist’s life there is a point when someone points out to you that you should not waste your time and that you should work more efficiently. If that someone, be it your boss, supervisor or close friend with a superior track record, is inclined to resort to management language, you might hear about the Pareto Principle or the Eisenhower matrix. Follow me on a brief motivational blog post that your boss probably doesn’t want you to read – telling you why it is good to keep doing what you are doing. Continue reading