Deep sequencing (Methyl-Seq) revealed increased genomic DNA methylation in chronic rat epilepsy. Heat map displaying hierarchical clustering of samples and genomic regions according to differential methylation profiles (yellow – methylation up, red – methylation down). A specific DNA methylation signature characterized chronic rat epilepsy. CTRL – healthy controls; EPI – chronic epileptic animals. Bisulfite sequencing validates deep sequencing results for two candidate genes. White dots represent unmethylated and black dots methylated CpGs. Middle panel summarizing schematic gene structure with TSS (green arrow), chromosomal region and region covered in Bis-Seq. Right panel presenting gene expression data from RT-PCR. Hypermethylation corresponded with decreased and hypomethylation with increased gene expression. (adapted from Kobow et al., 2013 under a creative commons licence)

Ingo Helbig

Child Neurology Fellow and epilepsy genetics researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), USA and Department of Neuropediatrics, Kiel, Germany

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